4 Saltwater Fish That Are Easy To Keep

So you have just gotten your fish tank from the store. You have all the necessary tools and equipment needed to set up the aquarium. What remains are the fish to fill the tank.

This last step can sometimes be daunting, especially with the many fish breeds out here. Also, as a beginner, you probably do not have a clue about the types of fishes kept in aquariums. Some of them might be hard to keep and manage, whereas others are quite a breeze to rear. Also, you probably do not want a boring looking fish that sits in your tank all day doing nothing.

Nevertheless, this article will try and identify some-easy-to-keep fish that are perfect for your aquarium. They are easy to maintain and are just right for a beginner.

1. Coral Beauty Angelfish

Also known as the two-spined Angelfish, this fish is easy to keep and is perfect for the first-time aquarium hobbyist. The fish has the looks to match an ideal aquarium fish and doesn’t ask for much in terms of maintenance.

The Coral Beauty Angelfish is a hardy fish. It will quickly acclimatize to your environment. Even better is that it can tolerate any mistakes you might make in the tank’s water composition.

Additionally, the fish is relatively cheap. It also doesn’t trade its beauty with its low price.

The Coral Beauty Angelfish is not aggressive so you can house it alongside other aquarium fishes. However, there are individual species whose aggressiveness is quite high. For these others, consult with your pet store.

2. Japanese Pygmy Angelfish

Another Angelfish that feature on this list is the Japanese Pygmy. Also called the Flame Angelfish, this type is quite the looker and will have your guests drooling over its beauty.

The Japanese Pygmy is considered to be one of the best choices for those looking to keep their first pet fish. The fish adapts quickly to life in captivity and is resilient enough to stand different environmental conditions.

It is recommended that you keep the fish singly. You could also keep them with their breeding partners but not with other aggressive fish.

3. Watchman Goby

The Watchman Goby is also another excellent fish to take into your fish tank. The fish acclimatizes to a wide range of diets and will not pose any problem during feeding. This goby will eat almost anything offered to it with equal enthusiasm.

Aside from their bright colors, these fish are also easy to find. Almost any pet store near you will be stocking the Watchman Goby. Additionally, these fish are not aggressive. They will get along very well with any other tank mates you throw in with them.

4. Tang

The Tang is a beautiful looking fish. Furthermore, their beauty doesn’t mean they are fragile fish. They are surprisingly hardy and will tolerate any conditions you throw at it.

Tangs are generally peaceful and will tolerate other fishes in the same tank. However, these fish will occasionally fight amongst themselves.

Finally, marine fish are well known across the world for their unrivaled beauty. These ones, in particular, are exceptionally hardy and will not ask for much in the name of maintenance. They are the perfect fish to keep if you are a beginner who is just starting to keep aquarium fishes.

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