5 Amazing Types Of Tetra Fish

Tetras are amazing little fish that will brighten up your aquarium immensely. Moreover, when you keep them in schools, you will have this colorful group of fish swimming about in your house. They love to swim at the middle level of the tank and are a delight to watch. It is no wonder then how popular they are among aquarium aficionados.

Being popular among aquarium owners, these fish vary, and there are several types of them out there. This article puts together five of the most striking tetras. Read on and get to know these types.

1. Lemon Tetra

5 Amazing Types Of Tetra Fish

The lemon tetra is rarely kept unlike most of the other tetra types highlighted in this article. It will give you some exclusivity keeping it.

Despite not being as numerous as the other types, they are still strikingly beautiful. On the silver bodies, they have yellow fins and one of the most outstanding pair of orange eyes.

Gong by the peaceful nature of tetra fish, the neon tetra, is an equally quiet one. It will do well in a group setting as it bright yellow fins and orange eyes add color to your aquarium tank.   

2. Neon Tetra

5 Amazing Types Of Tetra Fish

Arguably the most popular kind of tetra, the neon tetra has a distinct blue, red and silver coloration that has made it a fan-favorite even among non-aquarium enthusiasts.

Besides being just attractive to look at, these fish are peace loving and will do well in group aquariums. When not kept in groups, they tend to shy away and hide.

Besides the blue colored neon tetra, there is even a black neon tetra. This one, however, doesn’t have the red coloration and is mainly uncommon in water tanks.

3. Buenos Aires Tetra

5 Amazing Types Of Tetra Fish

The Buenos Aires tetra is a slightly large tetra type than the two species discussed above. Also, it is less calm than either. This type of tetra displays more authority and tenacity than other tetras and would not be an excellent addition to community tanks.

Nevertheless, having them share the same tank as other equally tenacious fish should work. If kept with timid fish, the Buenos tetra will often stress them out as they try to escape them. A large tank should suit this red-finned fish perfectly. The large tank gives them plenty of room to move while sorting out territorial disputes amongst themselves. Also, other fishes will be able to escape their marauding aquarium mates.

4. Glowlight Tetra

Even from its name, you can already guess that this is a unique fish. Colored bright silver and red, this tetra will quickly light up your aquarium.

The small fish doesn’t need a larger aquarium and a 15 gallon one should be enough for a group of Glowlight tetras. As with all tetras, they are schooling fishes and require to be kept together with other fishes. They are hardy and easy to maintain. Glowlight tetras are perfect for beginners.

5. Bloodfin Tetra

The Bloodfin tetra is notable for its red colored fin against a silver colored body. They are quite beautiful and more so when you keep them in a group of at least 10.

They are also perfect for beginners looking to set up their aquariums. They are small but quite feisty. So a larger tank is necessary for their tank mates to escape their nipping, a feature they are notoriously known for.

To wrap it up, tetra fish are amazing aquarium fishes to keep. They are hardy and quite calm. They can also be kept together with other fish types. So what are you waiting for? Walk into any pet store and order a group of these tetras.

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