5 Crucial Things Your Living Coral Need To Survive

Do you fancy having a piece of the ocean in your house? Living coral will give you the satisfaction of watching it grow as it does while in the sea. This living organism will beautify your home immensely. Add in other reef dwellers, and a couple of fish and the effect will be divine.

Caring for coral calls for one to understand their requirements. Like other organisms, living coral needs a couple of things to survive in your aquarium. This article will break down a couple of these factors and help you understand what you will need to provide to rear them successfully.

1. Plenty Of Sunlight

Sunlight is essential for corals to survive. You see, corals can make their own food.  This way, they need the sun’s energy to engage in photosynthesis. Without it, they lose a means to obtain food for themselves.

They are also a filter feeding organism. This means that they hang around the ocean while food particles drift to them after which they consume it. This means that they can continue to feed even in the absence of sunlight. During this time, food might be hard to come by, so corals also depend on a particular type of algae for nutrients. The zooxanthellae algae require the sun to thrive and support coral growth.

The need for sunlight means that coral will rarely grow in murky water. Dirty water doesn’t let in as much sun to support coral growth. Sediments, plankton, and excess food debris can block the sun’s rays from reaching the coral and their accompanying algae. Also, the deeper the water, the harder it is for the sun to reach the growing coral.

Therefore, for your living coral, you need to avail an artificial light source that mimics the sun’s UV rays.

2. Warm Water

Corals need the water to be warm to thrive and especially build reefs. It is no wonder then how they are flourishing in the tropics and other temperate regions.

Despite their need for warm waters, different corals found in various places can generally tolerate temperature fluctuations of varying degrees. However, the sweet spot lies between twenty and thirty degrees Celsius.

3. Clean Water

Clean water is also crucial to the survival of your living coral. For one, clean water is generally clear and lacks sediments floating about and settling on the living coral surface. With clean water, it is easier for sunlight to penetrate the water and reach both the growing coral as well as the algae growing in and on them.

Additionally, clean water is free of harmful chemicals that would otherwise harm the coral and cause their deaths. Contaminated water can also fertilize the area around the coral and cause massive seaweed growth. These plants will then block the coral from receiving sunlight.

One needs to have an excellent filter that will purify the water from nitrates and ammonia.

4. Salty Water

This is a primary requirement for coral. It isn’t surprising then how coral only grows in oceans where the water is quite salty.

A perfect balance between salt and water needs to be prepared before introducing the coral into your aquarium.

Because there are different types of coral out there with varying needs of salt, you will need to check with your local biologist or pet store first.

5. Algae

Algae are also quite crucial to the survival of coral. Algae release oxygen which the living coral take up and use to grow.

As seen early in the article, algae also manufacture their food and release nutrient that the living coral take in as food.

Coral is a beautiful organism to grow in your aquarium. Because it is quite taxing, the resulting mini-reef will be quite satisfying to view. Additionally, you can also add in some fish and other animals to the aquarium and have part of the ocean in your house.

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