5 Gourami Fish To Keep In Your Aquarium

Gourami fish are classified as labyrinth fishes, and they belong to the families Osphronemidae, Helostomatidae, and Anabantidae. They are categorized into giant fishes which grow up to at least 25 inches long and dwarf gourami. Gouramis are freshwater fish, and the majority of them can be desirable fish species for community aquariums. There are lots of species of gourami that are popularly known, as we are going to see.

Gourami fish exhibit different colors that are deep and lovely thus they can also be used as ornamental fishes other than just protein sources. The different breeds express distinct behaviors and have specific requirements. Therefore, the nature of the aquarium varies depending on the species selected. Below is a discussion of some gourami fishes.

1. Paradise Gourami

Paradise fishes have red and blue stripes that match perfectly and an orange caudal fin giving it a striking appearance. It is good to understand and familiarize with how this gorgeous fish is handled before keeping them because of their aggressive behavior. Moreover, they are social and always in action. There is minimal care requirement as you are only needed to provide clean water and the necessary PH and temperatures in your aquarium. As omnivores, you will not have a problem feeding them because you can get a variety of feeds, but it’s recommended that protein levels should be high. A densely planted aquarium is required. These fishes grow up to 3 inches long and have a lifespan of 9-10 years.

2. Blue Gourami

The blue color gives these fishes an excellent look. They exhibit other different colors such as gold and silver. A densely planted medium is of great need to these fishes. It is easy to care for blue gourami. You just provide all the necessary conditions such as temperature and pH in the aquarium. Blue gourami can live well with other fish species that have the same size as them, but they don’t appreciate staying with fellow species.  Adult size measures 4 inches long, and they have a lifespan of 4 years.  It is a hardy breed. A tank size that can hold 90 liters is suitable for rearing them.

3. Kissing Gourami

Just as the name suggests, these fishes will capture your attention due to their love for kissing, a rear behavior in fish. You can see them kissing other fish, plants and any object. They exhibit a variety of colors such as pink, silvery- green, and spotted. They dwell in shallow, slow-moving and a water medium with many plants. Kissing gourami are omnivores and feed on aquatic plants and insects present.  These lovely fishes have a lifespan of at least 7 years. The size of the adult fish goes up to 12 inches long; thus, they need an aquarium with sufficient space. This species can live comfortably with larger fish. Avoid coupling this fish species with smaller fish as housemates.

4. Honey Gourami

Honey gourami is a colorful species exhibiting an orange-yellow coloration. An adult one can grow up to 3 inches long, thus making it suitable for small aquariums with about 65 liters of water. Administer slow-moving water wiht a pH of around 7 and avail floating vegetation. They are docile and friendly species. Males are brighter than females.

5. Chocolate Gourami.

Chocolate gourami is the easiest to keep, and you will incur little cost maintaining it. Therefore, it is just enough to provide optimal water conditions, and your fish will be comfortable and productive. This helps to keep away bacterial diseases and parasites damaging the skin.  Good vegetation in the aquarium should be provided, and filtration efficiently managed.  Chocolate gourami requires water with high temperatures of 25-27℃, which is slightly acidic.

There are many other fish species found in gourami class such as Pearl gourami, Sunset gourami, Samurai gourami, Snakeskin gourami, Moonlight Gourami, Giant Gourami, and more. Discussed above are just a few that are suitable for your aquarium.

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