5 Simple Tips On How To Clean Your Fish Tank Properly

A fish swimming under water

Typically, fish tanks tend to accumulate dirt from fish food, fish wastes, or growing of algae remains in the water. Accumulation of all these materials in the tank makes the water cloudy, which is unhealthy for the fish and also reduces visibility. Of importance to note is that too many fish in one tank leads to accumulation of ammonia, which also makes the water cloudy. High level of ammonia is toxic for your fish and can also lead to death.  A perfect indicator that your fish tank is dirty is the appearance of an opaque substance on the surface of the tank glass, making it hard to have a clear view of what is happening on the inside. Cleaning or periodical removal of these materials is necessary for happy, healthy fish.

Below are some tips on how to clean your aquarium, which are essential in ensuring that your fish remain healthy and happy.

1. Move Your Fish

Generally, the cleaning of the fish tank should be a period and a well-planned routine. This will ensure that your fish get minimal stress. Before moving your fish, it is of great importance to make sure that they all look healthy. If any sign of abnormality such as skin color change, affected fins, etc, understand your fish are struggling, and it is the high time to do something.

Upon checking on your fish, the next thing now is to transfer them to a safer place to give you the room to carry out the cleaning process with little hindrances. Here, you need first to transfer the same water to another container. After that is set, you can now comfortably move your fish by gently removing them from the tank to their temporally new home.

2. Toy Cleaning

5 Simple Tips On How To Clean Your Fish Tank Properly

Most aquariums have magnificent and eye-catching gravels rocks and a couple of toys which are meant to keep fish busy as they can play with them from time to time. It’s thus essential to make sure they are spotless as they can become contaminated and somewhat slippery. Cleaning and rinsing of these toys and rocks should be done with the use of hot water and a clean filter and avoid the use of any chemicals. This will ensure successful removal of algae which might be attached to their surfaces.

3. Tank And Water Cleaning

5 Simple Tips On How To Clean Your Fish Tank Properly

A thorough cleaning should be done on both the inside and outer surface of your tank. For perfection, it is good to ensure that you use aquarium approved products to scrap the algae off your tank. After proper cleaning and rinsing are done, you can now return the toys and gravel. You can fill in the water and finally put your fish back to their now clean home. Of importance to note here is that you should at all cost avoid the use of soap or any detergent to clean anything on the inside as this might have adverse effects on your fish.

4. For Complex Aquariums

When planning to clean a more complex aquarium, i.e., that which has a pump and a heater, there are several things that you carefully need to consider. For such a case, you should not change more than 50% of the water in a heated aquarium. Also, unplugging all equipment and then waiting for about ten minutes before you start the cleaning process is fundamental to ensure no damage or harm will arise.

5. Get Your Kids Involved

5 Simple Tips On How To Clean Your Fish Tank Properly

This is one of the exercises which will offer your kids a better chance to learn more things related to fish. Of importance here to note is that adult supervision is required since kids are sometimes naughty and their curiosity may lead to some undesirable results. So, your kids can be monitoring your fish while you are cleaning or they can also give you a hand on the cleaning part. Try and teach your kids that fish are not toys but a living organism which should be handled with great care. More so, to ensure that your tank remains clean on the outer surface for a relatively long period, instruct your children on the need to avoid coming into contact with the tank since they at times touch it with dirty hands.

With the above tips, I know you are now ready to go. These tips will help you in ensuring that your aquarium remains clean, thus providing better growing conditions for your fish and also preventing the occurrence of some diseases.

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