5 Tips You Need To Follow When Caring For Tetra Fish

Tetra fish are one of the most common types of fish kept in home aquariums. These fish come in different shapes and sizes with over 150 different kinds of species.

Tetra fish are easy to keep. These pets are small, hardy, and generally calm. Being calm means that you can also keep tetras alongside other types of fish. So, in essence, you can have several different types of fish in your aquarium alongside tetras.

So how are you going to go about keeping tetra fish in an aquarium? Read on and find out the best tips for doing so.

1. Do Not Keep Single Tetra Fish

5 Tips You Need To Follow When Caring For Tetra Fish

Because tetras are small sized fish, you will often find them swimming with their mates. The schooling makes the entire group secure from predators. Additionally, swimming together adds to the aquarium’s grandeur.

2. Feeding Tetra Fish

Feeding varies. You can give them frozen, freeze-dried, and prepared foods. Being omnivorous, they will feed on a wide range of feed material. Algae, some shrimp species, and bloodworms form part of their diet. Bloodworms are, however, a treat for these fish. You may decide to have a feeder cone to avoid messy feeding times.

3. Water Composition

5 Tips You Need To Follow When Caring For Tetra Fish

For all aquarium fish, what makes up their water is crucial for their survival. Fish, unlike humans, breathe through the water. Toxic water is very dangerous for these fish.

Nitrates come from fish waste. So in the aquarium water, their level should be as close to zero parts per million as possible. However, anything under forty parts is tolerable for tetra fishes.

Other parameters that dictate tank water purity are the pH or water hardness and Ammonia levels. The former should be close to neutral at 6.0 whereas Ammonia, like Nitrates, should be at zero parts per million.

4. Water Temperature

Tetra fish do not tolerate higher temperatures, unlike Discus fish. Hence they shouldn’t be kept together. If this happens, their metabolism spikes and they will get stressed.

Tetra fishes need an optimum temperature of around twenty degrees to twenty-six. Any excessive heat will shorten their lifespan.

5. The Aquarium Tank

5 Tips You Need To Follow When Caring For Tetra Fish

Tetra fish need a tank that isn’t less than 20 gallons. Smaller containers aren’t suitable since you will need to keep tetras in schools. Remember, they do not do well when alone.

The tanks should also be prepared beforehand. Ensure that the essential tank items are in place before populating it with fish. The heaters and filters are especially important during this process.

Lighting is also crucial. The tank lighting should be lesser than average. Hence, you might need to shade the tank a little. This will help reduce stress on the tetras.

Finally, keeping tetras is quite enjoyable. They aren’t that difficult to maintain, and with these tips, you are sure to ace it. Tetras are fantastic little fishes, and you and even your family will surely enjoy their presence. More so if they are in a group.

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