5 Types Of Aquatic Plants For Your Aquarium

One excellent way to make your aquarium look more attractive and lively is simply by adding some aquatic plants. Aquatic plants play a very crucial role in providing a natural ecosystem for your fish. More so, adding natural plants in your aquarium also boost the level of oxygen for your fish use, act as a natural food source and also help in the filtering process of water. All these will, in turn, provide an ideal condition for the proper development of your fish and maintain good health.

Of importance to note is that not every aquatic plant is fit for your aquarium and thus knowledge in choosing the best type is paramount. The aquatic plant of choice should be naturally resilient, low maintenance, and hardy. Below is a list of 5 types of aquatic plants which will look great in your aquarium.

1. Amazon Sword

This aquatic plant has very green and long leaves that resemble a sword hence the name Amazon Sword. This aquatic plant is perfect in providing a perfect background or mid-ground for your already set aquarium. Amazon Sword plant is ideal in hiding your aquarium features and more so offer better hiding places for your fish. It can grow up to about 20inches tall and do reasonably well at temperatures between 72 and 82 degrees and requires moderate lighting to grow well.

2. Java Moss

5 Types Of Aquatic Plants For Your Aquarium

Java Moss is also one of the favorite aquarium plants simply because of its low maintenances. Typically, this aquatic plant tends to grow on rocks and driftwood. Java Moss grow green and fuzzy at the bottom of the aquarium hence providing better protection for your baby fish. This plant grows well at a temperature between 70 and 90 degrees and also do well in all kinds of light regimes.

3. Water Wisteria

This unique aquatic plant has tall lace like green leaves that makes a perfect carpet for your aquarium. What makes it different from other common aquatic plants is the fact that it tends to spread out more rather than growing tall. Water Wister plant is an easy plant to grow since it requires minimal maintenances. They need temperatures between 74 and 82 degrees and moderate light to thrive well.

4. Green Tiger Lotus

5 Types Of Aquatic Plants For Your Aquarium

This is yet another spectacular aquatic plant which has broad and circular green leaves with red stripes. These red stripes are ideal for decoration purposes, especially at the background of your large aquarium. The green Tiger Lotus plant also requires minimal maintenance and tend to thrive well under normal conditions and can grow up to about two feet tall.

5. Java Fern

5 Types Of Aquatic Plants For Your Aquarium

What makes Java Fern an ideal plant for your aquarium is the fact that this plant is stunning with long green leaves which are in hunches and can grow anywhere in your aquarium. This plant also requires low maintenance to develop. Java Fern plant also requires low to medium lighting and a temperature of about 68 to 82 degrees. This plant is also best in providing excellent hiding places for fish.

Above are some of the 5 best types of aquatic plants you should have in your aquarium. What makes them ideal for your aquarium is the fact that these plants will offer your aquarium that perfect look you been desiring. Also, they are some of the easy aquatic plants to maintain meaning fewer troubles.

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