Caring For The Angelfish, Queen Of The Aquarium


The angelfish is a beautiful freshwater aquarium fish of. Known as the queen, it is one of the most charming of all aquarium fish. The fish attracts everyone towards her. This freshwater fish originates from South America.

Moreover, as their name indicates, their wing-like fins and royal movements suggest angels. The is unique and charming fish belongs to the cichlid family. Of course, the freshwater angelfish is different from other fishes. As noted, this fish is known as the queen of the aquarium.

Angelfish Care Guide: The Aquarium's Queen
Caring For The Angelfish, Queen Of The Freshwater Aquarium


As noted, this unique fish belongs to the cichlid family. It has in gold, silver or black bands that identify this fish as distinct from other aquatic animals.

  • In fish-keeping tanks, these fishes are the queen of the aquarium.
  • This pet is a native of the Amazon river in Brazil as well as in some parts of South America.
  • Although this fish has a lifespan of ten years, it can live longer with proper care.
  • The optimum temperature for this fish is not too extreme. In fact, average room temperature is best for them.


Angelfish behavior is unique to situations. Sometimes they act aggressively for defense. As well, for protection, their display seeming protective behavior. For instance, they form fighting groups to protect themselves. However, by nature, they are not very defensive.

It has been noted that the older fish take care of the younger ones. As well, they swim smoothly, even in turbulent waters. Still, their swimming patterns may vary. Also noted, they do little interaction with each other.

Angelfish Care Guide: The Aquarium's Queen
Caring For The Angelfish, Queen Of The Freshwater Aquarium


An angelfish can grow up to 8 inches in height but grows slowly. The body is broad and uniquely colored. The arrowhead shape on the fish is heightened by gold, silver, and black scales. The black spots on the body has been said to look ravishing.

The color patterns on the body are smooth touch and make them one of the most elegant aquarium fishes. Some angelfish designs are unique, such as the panda angelfish. This type of angelfish displays a color set that resembles that of a panda.

Habits And Habitats

Angelfish, as mentioned, are natives of the Amazon River. People see this fish near streams, swamps, and floodplains. They are strong and hardy, able to live in extreme conditions. However, they need aquatic vegetation. Indeed, muddy conditions make them more muscular.

Still, the water they frequent in is usually clear. As well, they also need sunlight. Even in deep waters, they can spot sunlight.

Care Tips

Angelfish require proper care and nutrition. One harmful infection for this fish is the parasitic nematode. In fact, this nematode can prove fatal to angelfish. Greasy food and water are also detrimental to the angelfish. This means that you should provide a proper and nutritional diet to the queen of your aquarium.

Angelfish, Queen Of The Aquarium: A Freshwater Fish Care Guide
Caring For The Angelfish, Queen Of The Freshwater Aquarium


Freshwater angelfish is a beautiful and spectacular fish. The fish is rare and unique. It requires proper care and breeding. Hence, people need to take appropriate care to protect the fish.