Aquarium Plants – Tips For Choosing Plants

Aquarium plants can greatly improve the appearance of your aquarium. The added value of these plants as well as the beauty that surrounds them make them the easiest and most cost-effective way to add color and a splash of interest to your aquarium.

Selecting Species Available For Purchase

However, it is essential to select excellent choices from an abundant array of many species available for purchase. When the right ones are chosen then this can be an extremely worthwhile investment in any environment. Many species, however, are not suitable for a topwater aquarium setting, and there are also some species that are unsuitable for bottom waters.

Aquarium Plants - Tips For Choosing Plants
Aquarium Plants – Tips For Choosing Plants

A number of factors should be considered when selecting the appropriate aquarium. These factors include:

The habitat environment: This refers to the general type of water conditions existing in the aquarium at the time of plant selection. For example, some aquatic plants will thrive better in bottom waters while others will do best in topwater. In addition, these plants should have been grown in natural conditions that were similar to those found in your aquarium.

Topwater Aquarium Plants

Topwater aquarium plants should generally be avoided because they take up more oxygen than bottom water plants and thus create higher levels of ammonia in the water which can harm your fish. When plants are placed in topwater aquariums they should always be placed at the end of the aquarium (which would stop them from being exposed to the majority of the water which would then not be consumed by them) but also with the filter firmly attached to the aquarium.

How Big Are The leaves For Aquarium Plants

Growing plants in aquariums can be more attractive if they are of large size as this will attract much more attention. There are however some instances where leaves are more suitable for topwater plants.

How long the leaves survive: Again some plants are better suited for topwater plants than others. The number of hours the leaves survive depends on the size of the leaves. These plants can survive for several weeks or even months before dying off.

Leaves that are long and have hollow stems tend to be more attractive as do those which have hairy leaves. The size of the leaves does matter, as they may need to be trimmed slightly if the plant starts to get too thick.

The Type Of Soil The Plant Is Growing In

As an example, cacti and ferns are better suited to shallow water environments and prefer soft sand substrates. Tall plants such as ferns are best suited to those with softer substrates. Ferns will also be affected by chemicals from alkaline rocks, so this should be considered before purchasing.

Aquarium Plants - Tips For Choosing Plants
Aquarium Plants – Tips For Choosing Plants

A range of different varieties are available for topwater aquarium plants, so there should be one for everyone’s needs. Simply add the desired plant to your aquarium and start watching it grow!

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