Easy Fish To Take Care Of For Beginners

Keeping a freshwater aquarium is exciting and admirable. There are different types of fish, and as a beginner, it gets hard to decide what the best fish is for you. Fish differ in the various aspects which are crucial for their survival. Getting a fish in the wrong environment gives it minimal chances of survival. Naturally, not all fish have the same tolerance abilities. There are those which require special care while others are easy to rear. For a beginner, something easy to keep is a better option. With such fish, they do tolerate harsh water parameters and inappropriate conditions. They are suitable for beginners as they lay a good foundation for better fish keeping skills and knowledge. The following are freshwater fish friendly for a beginner.

Easy Fish To Take Care Of For Beginners

1. White Cloud Minnow

With white cloud minnow fish, they are friendly to a beginner as they can tolerate hardships in term of water temperatures and quality. Although they can endure hardship, avoid keeping them in too-warm water as they love cold water. White cloud minnow fish are cute in appearance, and they are happiest in the company of about six or more fish. Loneliness may affect their activities and lead them to grow timid and lose their bright color. They are not selective eater, so any food is perfect for them, may it be live, frozen or flake food.

2. Zebra Danios

Well known as a beginner’s fish as they are attractive and hardy. As the name describes, they are easily recognizable with their striped pattern. Their uniqueness is their ability to have a ton of energy and personality. Like the white cloud minnow, zebra danios love being in the group of six or more fish. It’s one of the fish that love staying on the upper levels of an aquarium and help to teach you various zones in your aquarium. On matters of feeding, they are easy to feed as they enjoy either live, frozen inverts, or fresh vegetable matters.

3. Black Skirt Tetra

Easily recognizable for their distinctive black dorsal and anal fins. They do have a lifespan of about five years and easy to rear. They don’t love being lonely. Hence it’s appropriate for keeping them in a group of five or more. Although they are excellent community fish, if you house them with slow-moving fish or fish with long fins, they may nip at them, so it’s good to avoid such scenarios. For these fish, they love a habitat with large plants, and it’s appropriate to include plants, rocks, and other hiding places in your tank. As for the food, they are comfortable with any choice.

4. Swordtails

Perfect fish for a beginner with bright orange color. It’s regarded as a suitable fish for beginners due to its low demands for water conditions. They are attractive with a bright color, and easily recognized with their single long bottom fin that looks like a sword. A community fish are comfortable in a group of five or more. In terms of feeding, swordtails are omnivores and require you feed them on flake food supplemented with blanched vegetables and live or frozen food.

Easy Fish To Take Care Of For Beginners

5. Kribensis Cichlid

One of the unique fish as it comes in various colors, which include yellow, red, purple, orange, black, and silver. They also have a longer lifespan than others of about five to eight years. Perfect fish for beginners as it can tolerate a range of water conditions. Kribensis cichlids are naturally omnivorous, and they comfortably eat what is available in the tank. You can provide them with a varied diet, including cichlid pellets, flake foods, and live food.

As a beginner, after you have fish that suits your description, make sure to understand its needs. Ensure a safe environment and maintain good fish tank maintenance practices. Feeding your fish in the right way guarantees a longer lifespan and healthy fish.

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