Fish Aquarium For Abundance

Fish Aquarium For Abundance: 5 Factors To Consider

Firstly, place the aquarium in front of a solid wall for its support and safety, according to Feng Sui Fish Aquarium. The location of the aquarium should be at the gathered Qi corner; it also called a wealth corner. The area should be at the entrance of the main room, front door, or door to the living room. The best place to have water is the southwest part of the house. So apart from the gathered Qi corner, the excellent position of placement of aquarium is northwest, west, southwest, and north parts of the house. The location p is an effective way to Feng Shui Fish Aquarium.

Fish Aquarium For Abundance: 5 Factors To Consider
Fish Aquarium For Abundance: 5 Factors To Consider

Shape Of The Fish Aquarium 

If you want an aquarium to bring abundance in your house, you have to get a good site for placing aquarium, and thus size and shape is of utmost importance. An aquarium made with wood can be a rectangular-shaped. Wood brings economic luck. The rectangular shape of the aquarium is also a pleasing shape to have. A square shape of the aquarium connects the earth. But triangular shape is not suitable for the aquarium because this shape is associated with fire.

Number Of Fishes In The Fish Aquarium

You can add any number of fish in your aquarium. Old names can consider new quantities, and unique numbers can view them too. You can add oddly or evens numbers of fishes. The odd numbers are like 3,5,7,9,11,etc.. and the even numbers like 2,4,6,8,10, etc.

According to the phonetic sound, you have to good size aquarium for 3 7 or 9 numbers of fishes. Nine names of fishes are only the youngest members that sound the same as having more than members.3 is also an auspicious number.

If you want to get more numbers of member than you have to add atlas 3 or 6 members of fish, but if you’re going to have only 1 number of fish than you can use a small bowl.

Species Of Fish 

Fish Aquarium For Abundance: 5 Factors To Consider
Fish Aquarium For Abundance: 5 Factors To Consider

There are many categories of fishes you can have in your aquarium. But, they can be divided into three main categories:-

  • Tropical fish: they are like Danios, Guppies. They are a little colorful. 
  • Saltwater fish: they are like clone fish, angelfish. They are very colorful and happy to see and very joyful.
  • Goldfish: These fish are straightforward to maintain. They are of various colors and shapes. They are the perfect choice to have for Fengshui

Color Of The Fish

 Usually, aquarium fishes are very colorful, and most of them are salted water. They are different colors, but often, they are in blue, lace, white, silver beyond that they are yellow, brown, orange.

The best color of the aquarium is metal because metal can generate water, and it is related to your welfare.

If you consider these factors while purchasing and placing an aquarium in your home, you will be benefited a lot.

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