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Freshwater Aquarium Plant: Why Are They Important?

Freshwater aquarium plants

Freshwater aquarium plant is something that will add value to your tank. You will be able to buy a freshwater aquarium plant from your nearest aquarium and pet shop—all of us at one point or another dream of owning an aquarium in our house.

How to Keep Freshwater Fish Happy And Healthy

Every creature needs to be provided with proper management to have a longer life span. When conditions are not suitable for the fish, there is a high probability that the mortality rate will be high. A good manager needs to be keen and see how the fish are living and take immediate action if there […]

5 Exotic Freshwater Fish To Keep At Home

Exotic freshwater fish are a delight to have in your home. These animals are extremely good looking, and most of them are surprisingly easy to keep. Their bright colors and beautiful patterns will liven up your house and create a pleasant ambiance at home. There are several exceptional exotic fish that will easily fit into […]

The Common Diseases In Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish are sometimes affected by killer diseases which are caused by bacteria, parasites, or fungi. Diseases come when there is poor management of fish. Such as failure to maintain cleanliness in your pond. Tilapia and catfish are species which do well in warm water are mostly affected by epizootic ulcerative syndrome (EUS) while fish […]

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