Why You Should Keep Up Fish Tank Maintenance


For fish in your aquarium to thrive well and reach their maturity with minimal problems, there is a great need to keep your tank clean all the time. All this will ensure that your fish are not sick. Thereby reducing the chances of losing any of them at any given point.

There are three main goals you are looking forward to achieving when you are planning to clean your fish tank. The 3Rs, i.e., regulate, remove, and replenish.

Regulation Of Nitrogen Cycle

Why You Should Keep Up Fish Tank Maintenance

The nitrogen cycle is a process by which ammonia is converted to nitrite by some bacteria. High levels of both ammonia and nitrite are toxic to your fish. Hence the need to have active colonies of bacteria within your tank. This will ideally help in converting these harmful compounds into a less dangerous form, i.e., nitrate. Conversion of ammonia and nitrite to nitrate is essential. This form isn’t toxic to fish and can easily be removed by regular water change.

Cycling is of great importance before the addition of fish in your aquarium, and there are several ways which you can use to cycle your tank. One of the best ways which many people use is the addition of artificial ammonia in the fish tank. Addition of ammonia helps in building up bacteria colonies. This will assist in breaking down ammonia and nitrate, resulting in a less harmful compound, i.e., nitrate.

Removal Of Organic Compounds

Why You Should Keep Up Fish Tank Maintenance

The organic compounds which are to be found in any fish tank can be found in two different forms, i.e., particulate organic matter (POM) and also dissolved organic matter (DOM). A clear difference between the two is assessed by their ability to pass through 0.2-1.0 um filters whereby only the dissolved organic matter passes through.

These organic matters comprise of many wastes which are made up of organic by-products, which are to be found in the fish tank following regular feeding of fish. These organic materials are broken down into relatively tiny particles by colonies of bacteria. The same case is seen with ammonia and nitrite.

These organic materials are utilized by plant material growing in the same aquarium. The good thing about these organic materials is that they are easily utilized by plant material growing in the same aquarium, which promotes their growth. The rest which is not utilized can be controlled simply by cleaning and regular water change.

Replenishing Of Minerals

Why You Should Keep Up Fish Tank Maintenance

Mineral balance is of great importance in your aquarium at all times. This is because too low or very high mineral levels can result in osmotic stress to your fish. Which then leads to osmotic shock and eventually death.

Normally, for most fish keepers, when changing the water in their tanks, they tend to use reverse osmotic (RO) water which has undergone the reverse osmotic process. During this process, a lot of impurities are removed, and so are some of the essential minerals which your fish requires for their daily use. Following this removal, add some of these important minerals back into your aquarium for the welfare of your fish.

Considering the above 3Rs, I guess you now fully understand why you should keep your aquarium completely clean. This will also ensure that your fish remain healthy.